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Things You Should Never Include in Your CV

Posted On: 08/12/2022

As someone who has worked in the industry of recruiting for a long time, it’s certain that we are aware of what employers look for and don’t want to see on CVs. Although the web is full of information and suggestions on creating an ideal CV you’d be amazed at how many people do it wrong, including items they shouldn’t, and thus reducing their chances of making a great first impression.

This blog we’ll focus on some of our CV-related pet-hates. We’ll also be offering some tips on what to avoid including.

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The use of slang words or colloquialisms may make it appear that you don’t take serious job searches. This is why writing in clearly written and concise English is recommended.

Typos and poor grammar

A CV that is full of mistakes and grammar errors might be overlooked in favor of one with no errors. We suggest you make sure you edit your CV, and then ask another person to complete the task. This will ensure that any nefarious errors in spelling or typos get discovered before it is submitted to an potential employer.

Experiences with employers that were negative

It is a fact that a lot individuals have negative experiences with managers and bosses. But using your resume as a way to discuss these issues and grievances is not the right way to approach things. In the “Employment History” section of your CV simply list the position you held, the obligations, responsibilities and dates you took on the position.

Family and friends as references

We often see applicants relying on family or friends members on their CVs as references. This isn’t a good method. Your CV reference should be someone who can provide evidence of your abilities professionally without bias without being obligated to promote you because of your relationship with them.

Your CV should be in the hands of the appropriate people

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