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What Our Companies look for in an Engineering CV

Posted On: 02/12/2022

Recruiters will receive hundreds upon hundreds of applications for each competitive engineering job. So how can you ensure your engineering CV stands out and is not discarded?

No matter if you’re applying for a role in software engineering or mechanical engineering, recruiters will look for the same key features. However, there is limited space on your resume to make a lasting impression.

Our technical recruitment team was asked for their top tips on how to write a great engineering CV. Here’s a list of priorities.

1. A clear structure should be created

First, engineers should have a resume that reflects the qualities of an engineer. It should be clear, concise, and well-structured. We recommend against using logos, colour, or photos as they could distract from your valuable skills and experience.

Begin your CV with a few lines that introduce you, including your current job title, key achievements and skills. This section highlights the most important achievements you have made to grab the attention of the reader.

2. Your technical skills should be highlighted

When assessing your suitability to the job, a recruiter will first look at your engineering CV for technical skills. The recruiter will examine your education, work experience, and your knowledge of various programs, systems, and software, depending on the specialty. Your CV should include any technical information.

It is a smart idea to concentrate on your university technical skills if you are a recent graduate, intern or have little experience in the field. This can be done by listing the relevant modules that you have taken, detailing the projects you have worked on, and highlighting the various technologies you have learned throughout the course.

3. Any relevant professional development should be included

Are you a graduate of a six-sigma or project management course? This detail will make your application stand out from the rest. Additional training not only shows drive and desire to learn but also helps recruiters understand your wider range of skills.

4. Tailor your technical experience

Our recruiters at CK would recommend that you tailor your CV to each job description. Your applications should not be the same for different roles.

Do your research about the company. Look at their latest projects and learn what technologies they use. These areas of expertise should be mentioned in your resume!

A good tip is to highlight keywords in the job description. If an advertisement asks for Autocad experience, the recruiter may discard any CVs that do not mention it. Showcase your skills and give examples of Autocad use in your daily work, even though it may seem obvious.

5. Do not forget soft skills

While your engineering CV should be primarily focused on your technical skills, it should also include examples of soft skills.

Engineers are expected to think critically and work in teams. Companies are more focused than ever on finding employees that reflect their values and culture. Companies want to retain staff members who are a good match for their company’s values and culture.

Candidates shouldn’t list soft skills as if they were a shopping list. Examples of soft skills should not be listed in isolation of key accomplishments in your work experience section.

These are some key soft skills you should include:

Communication skills

Engineers will often work in teams, which requires communication skills. Engineer jobs can be information-intensive. Employers want to ensure that their employees are able to communicate with clients and their colleagues.

Use examples of times when your communication skills were crucial to the success or failure of a project if you are able.

Problem Solving

While it is one thing to have the right technical skillsets, it is quite another to know when and how you can use them, especially during times of crisis. All engineers will be aware that projects are bound to have problems. Employers are always looking for people who can handle these problems quickly and effectively.

You can use examples to show how you solved a problem in the past and how you handled it.

Interpersonal skills

Companies are increasingly interested in staff that fit into the company’s culture and dynamics, as mentioned earlier. Companies are looking for people who have a positive attitude, can interact professionally with others and show kindness.

This is particularly important for interviewers. However, you can demonstrate interpersonal soft skills in your resume. These skills can be mentioned when describing examples of teamwork and leadership, accountability, dependability, and responsibility.

Are you still struggling to create a perfect engineering CV? Our Team Here at Haughey Recruitment knows exactly what clients want, so send us your CV and we will give you recommendations.


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